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About 42pts

Working shit out online because I’m not afraid of public accountability.

And sometimes I make dumb GIFs I’d like you to see.

Please note this site may at times feature adult content.

What is the site about? Nothing.

How much of this did you make? I bought the domain and built the site with WordPress. I write all the content and create all the featured GIFs from original captures. I do the research, design the site for usability, compile the lists, cut and edit the videos, tweak the CSS, installed the, setup the analytics and established a broad social network to promote myself. Many of the pictures are even my own, and much more of my original content can be found using the network links at the bottom of the page.

Why is the URL Unfather.com but the site is called 42pts? *shrug*

What does 42pts mean? 42 is the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything, I’m told.

Who is Unfather? Jacob.

What have you done? Written, served as an infantryman, managed IT, tested for Microsoft, started two businesses, involved politically and organizing a non-profit as we speak.

bill murray and girls generationWhere have you been? I was born in California. The military trained me in Georgia and sent me to Korea then Texas. I’ve vacationed in Mexico, London, Paris, and Ireland. I lived in Washington in nearly every city in and around King County for about 6 years, and now I’m back in Northern California.

What do you like? Cannabis and action.

What do you love? Bill Murray, Calvin & Hobbes, Louis CK, lemonade, Red Dead: Redemption, Michelangelo’s La Pieta, and most of all you.

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