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About 42pts

My core focus with 42pts is to digest big ideas by abstracting them to the small in order to help both myself and others understand and appreciate them better. Coincidentally, I am also a huge fan of comedy. On this site I merge the two into original content that entangles humor and empathy, sometimes one without the other.

And sometimes I make stupid GIFs.

Please note this site may at times feature adult content.

What is the site about? “You must for yourself before you can for others.” I write whatever catches my fancy to teach myself to communicate sound, solid ideas, that way I can contribute and convince myself I’m a worthy member of society.

How much of this did you make? I bought the domain and built the site with WordPress. I write all the content and create all the featured GIFs from original captures. I do the research, design the site for usability, compile the lists, cut and edit the videos, tweak the CSS, installed the, setup the analytics and established a broad social network to promote myself. Many of the pictures are even my own, and much more of my original content can be found using the network links at the bottom of the page.

Why is the URL Unfather.com but the site is called 42pts? The URL represents a persona, but the site is just a collection of… bullshit. Which I worked very hard on, thank you.

What does 42pts mean? 42 is the answer to ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything, an obvious Douglas Adams reference. The books and particularly his writing style impacted me greatly. I still can’t find anything else so dismissively pleasant.

Who is Unfather? I am Jacob.

What have you done? Written, served as a US Army infantryman, worked IT for a software company and game tested for Microsoft.

bill murray and girls generationWhere have you been? I was born in California. The military trained me in Georgia and sent me to Korea then Texas. I’ve vacationed in London, Paris and Ireland. I lived in Washington around King County for about 6 years and now I’m back in Northern California.

Next will be Spain, Colorado, Sri Lanka, Russia, Hong Kong and finally I’ll probably settle down in Seoul or along the Spanish coast.

What do you like? Comedy, unique stories and people who speak with action.

What do you love? Bill Murray, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Calvin & Hobbes, Louis CK, lemonade, Red Dead: Redemption, Michelangelo’s La Pieta and you.

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