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The Real Problem with Guns

The problem isn’t that guns are in and of themselves a problem, a thorough misconception. When something should be killed, a well-placed shot is absolutely more humane than, say, lethal injection or hanging, and guns are perfect for hunting in cultures that can still argue they need to hunt.

The problem with guns is that they become an extraordinary tool for people to resolve ordinary issues. And the thing about tools is that once you have one in your hand, you are substantially more likely to use it.

Almost every single time, using a gun as a tool leads to someone being maimed or killed where they could’ve been talked down or subdued. The result guns bring is almost never justified no matter how you argue it, because you always have to presume things would’ve gone terribly had a gun not been used.

A great anecdote that came about recently is that video of the white nut job running at a cop with a weapon and the cop doesn’t shoot him. The assailant literally yells, “Shoot me!” and acts accordingly. He even rushes the officer to the ground and into a very dangerous position. You can see the video yourself here.

This has been frequently highlighted in the context of race relations (rightfully so), but there’s an important lesson here about guns:

If ever there was a justifiable circumstance to shoot a man, it was that one. No reasonable person could’ve faulted that cop for gunning that man down., but he didn’t. Regardless of why that is (race, cowardice, etc), that was the better outcome. Now the psycho is in jail instead of dead, he may rehabilitate, and the cop miraculously went uninjured.

The gun served zero purpose in this situation. It did not intimidate the assailant, nor did anything change on the scene until another person arrived. Had the gun been used properly and justifiably, the outcome would have been inarguably worse than it was.

I support the right for well-armed militias to bear arms and for individuals to own them too, because the reason that right exists is still dramatically relevant today. But I don’t kid myself that the true and honest reality about guns is that with almost perfect consistency they result in worse outcomes than would have likely resulted had guns not been involved.

Guns may not kill people (in a ridiculous sense), but they certainly instigate people to kill other people.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s Inferno

Welcome to Hell!

No doubt you’re surprised to be here. What did you do to deserve this? I’m sure you can figure it out yourself!

Just know now that, amongst the trials and torments you’ll experience here, Hell offers a superior range of choice music from the land of the living of which you used to be an occupant. As you descend through the levels of Hell to the icy lake Cocytus, we will play an album made specially for you comprised of songs from your favorite genre. Being that this is Hell, however, we choose the songs, and they will be set to the tone of our respective… departments.

For you, we have chosen a compilation of songs from a wonderful group of threatening teenagers by the name of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or just Odd Future for short; I do so love saying the whole thing, myself.

Surprised you get to enjoy rap as part of your punishment? Well, this is Hell, after all. Country music lovers have to go Heaven, thankfully.

Please, step onto the elevator. We must begin our descent. Watch the doors.


Ari Shaffir’s Comedy Commentaries

arishaffir third eye logoRare does stand-up comedy receive the academic scrutiny it deserves. Perhaps its inherent in dealing with an absurd, often insincere community filled with whack jobs and frequently abrasive personalities. Nonetheless, someone must tame the lion and comedian Ari Shaffir has taken up whip and chair for the task with a selection of comedy album commentaries you can listen to free on his Skeptic Tank podcast.

In each episode (of 3 so far), Shaffir sits down with a popular stand-up comedian and listens to one of their early albums, pausing each track intermittently to discuss the joke, what inspired it and anything else that might be relevant. The commentary is fantastic insight into the construction of a stand-up routine and full of humor in its own right.

ari shaffir revenge for the holocaust album coverIn the first episode, Ari reviews his own album Revenge for the Holocaust.

In the second episodeTom Segura joins in with his album Thrilled.

The third episode features Bert Kreischer and his album Bert Bert Bert.

You can’t beat the cost of free for 3 full comedy albums from established comedians plus buttery commentary on the side. Shaffir seems eager to do as many of these as possible so expect more in the future.

Check out Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank podcast on iTunes or on his website at AriTheGreat.com. Shaffir is a vice-friendly existentialist comedian destined for a Comedy Central special in the near future. Jump on the bandwagon now before it gets rollin’.

The Jim Norton Show on Vice.com

The Jim Norton Show is a major TV show

Jim Norton’s hosting talent is undeniable. Hardened by the pit-fire of Opie & Anthony and liberal time on the Tonight Show circuit, Norton’s candor, ease with and appreciation of celebrity makes him the perfect choice for his own talk show. And so Vice.com launched The Jim Norton Show, itself quite at ease with Norton’s kind of provocative humor and raunchy storytelling. What’s surprising then, perhaps, is how well he takes the traditionally hammy late-night talk format, trims the stale cheese and wraps it all in a long-form time slot so that the show has flavor and filling, although at times it may be a little sloppy.


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