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I Miss You, Minecraft

a horrified Minecraft creeper

I’m not a man who shares his heart. I don’t care for emotion but when the sun shines and the waves break and friends laugh and true beauty shows me natural art and joy.

Yet suddenly I felt like writing a love letter. Not of true yearning, instead as a creative exercise, though not without truth and, hopefully, poetry (in form, at least).

I thought to myself, of the women I’ve loved, who should it be about? Each kind, graceful and radiant in their own way, which muse would guide me better?

Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funnier if I wrote it about Minecraft instead?”

I fucking love Minecraft more than any other video game, but I lost my account information over a year ago. I have to buy it again and thus my heart was broken.

And so, I wrote this love letter to Minecraft. Then it turned into a poem as written by a guy who doesn’t write poetry. Heh.

It never should’ve ended that way.
We were meant to be together.
I lost you when I wandered and lost myself
because I thought I knew better.

I had to move because I wanted more,
I fell in love anew.
Those loves fell apart too soon
because I could never forget before.

We still talked, built and played together, yes,
though it never lasted like it should.
Then we lost touch, those remnants slipped away
and we were lost to each other for good.

But I need you back.

Those walks along the beach, those times we baked cake together,
our dog, our cat: I miss them. Without you, I can’t get better.

I never forget our humble start. First, we cared only to shelter each other.
Then we wanted for more so went and found it, took it and made it better.

We used it again for our own ends, our kilns smelt, our cauldron flowed,
the ore and the smithing never ceased. We engineered kingdoms together.
We founded empires together. We built a home together.
How our riches showed!

We should be “us” again.

My hearts can never fill for you.
I eat more now, and I’ve lost some armor,
but the leaves never stop growing
because our trunk is forever amour.

I want you; I need you.
Perhaps you made me work for them,
but you always gave me diamonds.
Are there any more of around then?

Everything evaporated in the fire,
but now we can renew atop obsidian.
We will find the clay together and make new bricks,
if only we respawn again.

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