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Casual Violations: When Is Your Privacy My Responsibility?

Have you ever seen a man masturbate furiously? I don’t mean with aggressive pacing, but like he’s angry at you and knows you’re watching, and the only way to get revenge is to gross you out.

My apologies, that’s an awful way to start. It was just as awful to see many years ago when I worked as a computer technician. I received a computer for a standard data recovery, its hard drive so old it ashed with every spin. I saved what I could, moved the remains to a new disk and finally just had to make one last check to ensure the transferred files were actually working. (more…)

Is This Immersive? The Least Essential Systems In Gaming

What makes video games great?

Simple: the potential for complete immersion.

What a good book or film does with the imagination, or song does with the ear, or massage to skin, Rembrandt to the eye, savory scent with memory; video games can and have done as well, to varying degrees. Yes, video games have smelled, although, perhaps fortunately, they have not yet made us taste them.

boogermanImmersion is a composite affect. In a typical video game, it’s produced through visuals, sound and interactive narrative, sometimes even physical sport, all to bring you to worlds as simple as Tetris, as carefree as Wii Bowling, as lush as World of Warcraft or as intricate as EVE Online. Each aspect of a game- everything from economy to voice-over- nuances the whole, and each aspect can excel to accommodate deficiency in the others. But when too many fail the game is generally forgotten, and later severely discounted for a Summer sale.

Flaws in game design are a complicated topic, so I’d rather scale down and talk about something a little more manageable. I want to talk about nonessential systems that are detracting or distracting from potential immersion, often by disabling games in ways that make play unappealing or even impossible.

What unnecessarily hurts video games and their immersive potential? The major issues I’ll cover are:


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