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Let There Be Rant!: Digital Discrimination

I am a fool.

angry girl gamer will fart inside your dickLike an asshole, I skipped the article once I had the gist and went straight for the comments, only to be shocked by finding yet again that so many others are assholes too, but in a truly repellant way. I had discovered at least twenty males flailing to excuse the aggression suffered by Anita SarkeesianZoe Quinn and countless other women online, each fedor’-adorned neck-beard surely brimming with complicated justifications for their decrepit logic.

However, nothing within reason could justify the harassment female gamers or women online in general receive on a regular basis. Ultimately, no argument for tougher skin can hurdle the fact that original fault lies with any instigator, not their victims.


Better Than Smosh: Celebs That Family Guy Has Been Meanest To

This is a video compilation of celebrity insults from FOX’s hit show Family Guy.

My hubris demanded I create this article after mocking the original I read on Smosh.com. In that anecdote, there is a valuable lesson about what drives us, about how our pride and arrogance can lead to productivity (and perhaps prosperity) and about how much of an asshole I am.

But, rather than get philosophical how about we just get to it and get mean? Here are 20 of Family Guy’s finest celebrity insults:

Continue on for a text breakdown (including more insults omitted from the video):


How to Make an Animated GIF From Video Using Photoshop

kitty katter pitter patterI’m not going to waste time explaining the appeal of animated GIFs when that image and this link will do, but therein lies their wonder: showing where telling might do. Because they’re so great, I’m going to show you how to make your own animated GIFs from video with the help of the only app that matters, Photoshop.

This is a beginner’s guide for those with little or no experience making animated GIFs.


– Photoshop CS5 or better

– A source video

Important Guidelines

Size matters, whether you accept it or not. Fortunately, animated GIF sizes vary as unpredictably as wieners so folks generally accept what they get. After eyeballing Senor GifBuzzFeed, Giphy, 4chan and Reddit, it seems to me file sizes generally break down as such: (more…)

The Top 10 Improbably Best Hearthstone Cards

hearthstone logo transparent

The success of Activision-then-Blizzard’s Hearthstone should not come as a surprise, Blizzard having mastered the art of operant conditioning. The game swept literally 100% of the world’s nations, especially the ones without internet, with the exception of North Korea excluding the rumpus room of King Jong-un. Hearthstone’s importance to humanity cannot be understated, being so great that the Battle.net launch screen should be carved beneath the foot of every monument.

It is critical for citizens of the world to understand how to play The Hearthstone effectively, and so I have taken chisel in hand to engrave here wisdom I’ve divined from the cards and for the benefit of all mankind. Here are the 10 Improbably Best Hearthstone Cards: cards so great that their greatness has been concealed with great care, now greatly revealed.

You may thank me with glorious comments.


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