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Torchlight II Guide

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I wrote this Torchlight II guide while playing and replaying and playing again.

Contact me for permission to use it. No one has permission to copy or share it otherwise. It’s here in full so you shouldn’t need to steal it anyway.


Built Me Uh Table!

a table i builtI built this work table in a day and tweaked it over another, and now I’ve got something that won’t shoot nails back into my face when I’m using the gun. I left the gap for drilling and cutting purposes, but it turned out to be a perfect spot for my vice, which I had nothing to fasten to prior to this.

I’m going to make some shelves for my next project. But, this time, I’ll actually measure.

A Good Reason to Keep an Open Mind

Nothing makes me feel less normal than articles describing consumerism. I really can’t relate to the desire for novel possessions anymore, and it doesn’t help that these articles often weep pop-culture references that I usually find hollow or worse. But, at the same time, they also make me think, “A lot of people seem to like this. Am I missing something?”

The Dark Side of Game Testing

gamer biting a gamepadVideo game testing is the kind of job most people automatically assume is wonderful. Getting paid to deathmatch, teabag co-workers, and overdose on free caffeinated drinks for at least eight hours a day sounds like a raucous good time, many might say. People seem to forget that game testing is still a job and, like any job, it comes with its fair share of mind-numbing objectives and office drama. Sure, game testing is chest-slappingly easy and arguably more fun than a typical job, but don’t convince yourself that you’ll love it until you’ve tried it.

In fact, as a lifelong gamer, I’ve come to fucking hate game testing. Having worked for a few different companies on more than 10 titles (mostly uncredited), it’s left me with a distaste for monotony and pure, boiling hatred for inefficient policy. Many great things about game testing exist, but they come with a price that, for irritable people like me, far outweighs the benefits. So, in the spirit of the holidays, here are my top reasons working as a game tester suckles moist cat balls.


Review of Blush by Blurst

Blush by Blurst screenshot

It’s sometimes surprising if not downright amazing what social networking can do for you. I really only joined Twitter to compliment fortytwo points with some real-time updates and I never thought it would actually lead me anywhere I cared to be. This part’s not surprising, but I was wrong.

As I investigated my few followers in an effort to determine how crazy they must be to have taken an interest in my Twitter account, I found that one of them (at least) probably isn’t an individual. Instead, they turned out to be a gaming service.


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