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Review of Harold

Hoo boy, is Harold a mess of a movie. Someone cashed in a ton of valuable Hollywood favors to assemble this valiant but ultimately awful attempt at humor, and should now be ashamed to have been involved in any way.


The extremely dated running joke here is that Harold is a 13 year old boy who acts like an old man. The only stated, visible abnormality about Harold is that he is bald, but he also exhibits other stereotypes of the elderly for no apparent other reason than to match his persona to his hairline. He frequently self-deprecates to his fellow students about having bunions and gets exactly the kind of response one would expect kids to offer that kind of humor: literally nothing at all. No laughter, no smiling, hardly ever any acknowledgement that Harold made a joke each and every time he makes it. It’s a strange directorial decision, but the adherence to reality there is spot on.

Expect to be genuinely impressed by how bad the acting is in this movie. Spenser Breslin executes Harold with the kind of skill one would expect from a High School drama drop-out. He half-pipes the uncanny valley between young and old, never convincing that he is either, and the writing is only partly to blame for that. Breslin completely lacks charisma, making Harold endearing only for his defining perseverance. But what really boggles the mind is how many friggin’ amazing, credible actors in this movie ALSO seem to be unable to act here.


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