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6 Hilarious Knockouts and the Lesson They Teach

skyler rose knockoutA knockout is a brutal yet beautiful thing. Frankly, the terrible reality of a good (bad?) KO cannot suppress that innate human desire to leap out of one’s seat and declare, “You got knocked the FUCK OUT!” But there’s often a valuable lesson to be learned from these experiences; it’s just a lot harder to learn it with substantial brain damage. So we spent some time soaking in our own cackle-induced urine to extract valuable lessons from 6 of the funniest KO videos we could find.


The Dark Side of Game Testing

gamer biting a gamepadVideo game testing is the kind of job most people automatically assume is wonderful. Getting paid to deathmatch, teabag co-workers, and overdose on free caffeinated drinks for at least eight hours a day sounds like a raucous good time, many might say. People seem to forget that game testing is still a job and, like any job, it comes with its fair share of mind-numbing objectives and office drama. Sure, game testing is chest-slappingly easy and arguably more fun than a typical job, but don’t convince yourself that you’ll love it until you’ve tried it.

In fact, as a lifelong gamer, I’ve come to fucking hate game testing. Having worked for a few different companies on more than 10 titles (mostly uncredited), it’s left me with a distaste for monotony and pure, boiling hatred for inefficient policy. Many great things about game testing exist, but they come with a price that, for irritable people like me, far outweighs the benefits. So, in the spirit of the holidays, here are my top reasons working as a game tester suckles moist cat balls.


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