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Casual Violations: When Is Your Privacy My Responsibility?

Have you ever seen a man masturbate furiously? I don’t mean with aggressive pacing, but like he’s angry at you and knows you’re watching, and the only way to get revenge is to gross you out.

My apologies, that’s an awful way to start. It was just as awful to see many years ago when I worked as a computer technician. I received a computer for a standard data recovery, its hard drive so old it ashed with every spin. I saved what I could, moved the remains to a new disk and finally just had to make one last check to ensure the transferred files were actually working. (more…)

Finally Some Internet Privacy: Bill Aims to Address Privacy Protection

Just about every evolution adheres to the catchphrase “two steps forward, one step back”. While the internet has been perhaps the largest two steps mankind has ever taken, it came with an immense regression in respect to personal privacy. These days, multitrillion dollar corporations will not bat an eye at using your personal data for profit, even if that means selling it to people with unknown or outright amoral interests.

The American government has taken close to zero steps to address internet privacy, which we can all rest assured has absolutely nothing to do with lobbying. But finally, that is going to change. The Right to Know Act will not prevent companies from doing what they will with your data, but it does require them to disclose all​ personal data that they retain about you and provide contact info for every 3rd party that they’ve given that data to over the last 12 months. “This bill would also provide that a violation of these provisions is deemed to constitute an injury to the customer for purposes of seeking remedies available under law.AB-1291


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