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A Short Myth

Before Myth, Man, Earth, or even the Universe, there were two Gods, alone in a sea of nothing. One god, the God of Cultivation, wished for nothing more than an infinite Universe to mother. The other god, the God of Hunger, wished for nothing more than to eat all there was. And every attempt the God of Cultivation made to create something was quickly devoured by the God of Hunger.

Sick from sorrow and unable to stand existence any longer, the God of Cultivation devised a plan. One day, while the God of Hunger was away swimming in the seas of Nothingness, the God of Cultivation created an orb so tiny and inconspicuous as to fool the God of Hunger into devouring it without thought. But in this tiny orb the God of Cultivation put all of her essence and power, but saved enough so as to not allow the God of Hunger to see her weakness and devour her.

The God of Cultivation awaited the God of Hungers return, and when he did, and set eyes on the orb, he promptly ate it up.

“Fool. Did you not think I would eat this too?” asked the God of Hunger.

“No, I knew you would.” said the God of Cultivation. “And when you did you ate almost all that there was of me. But the great power I put in that orb is highly unstable, and the next move you make will surely be your doom.”

And then, the God of Cultivation used the last of her essence to create one more orb, this one a tiny planet, and she named it, and she put men on it. The God of Hunger, in a rage, sprung to eat that which the God of Cultivation had created. Immediately he exploded into many pieces, and from him the very essence the God of Cultivation had spared created the Universe, which continues to expand to this day. The Great God of Cultivation then fell into a deep slumber in the core of her tiny planet.

But the God of Hungers power is strong enough that this even did not kill him. The many pieces of the God of Hunger became titanic, terrifying beasts, in their bellies an endless dark hole that can swallow anything without consequence. All were sent to different ends of the Universe, and each vowed to devour everything there is, and for the God of Hunger to rise again. And they vowed to save the tiny planet of men the God of Cultivation had created with the last of her essence for last. And when they have eaten everything there is, they will eat each other. And the last one that there is, will devour itself. And from that the God of Hunger will rise again.

Alone with his hunger in his Universe of Nothing…

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