... and other stuff by Unfather.

My Projects

I am owner of Easy Breezy PC, a tech and computer repair company, and co-owner of Sweet Amber Co, a cannabis-infused sugar company. I played a primary role in the founding of the Chico Cannabis Association then founded my own Cannabis Mediation Committee to take that work onward.

I enjoy building systems, and sometimes that results in companies. Sometimes people ask me to help build their companies.

And sometimes I also work on this stuff:


SCP: Secure, Contain, Protect

A bit of a secret; based around the www.SCP-wiki.net mythos. Rated for teens and up.


Electric Mary

An epic open-world RPG set in a Circuitpunk universe. Rated for teens and up.


Bryan Kidd

A story about a kid whose father accidentally opens a portal for nightmare beings to infiltrate reality. Rated for children.


Rosie’s Petals

A story about an innocent tomboy who is transformed into a warrior against an encroaching evil. The violent nature of her battles is obscured by a powerful illusion so that her terrible actions go unbeknownst to her. Rated for teens and up.

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