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Ordinance 2505 in Chico, CA: Defying Cannabis and Democracy

If you live Chico, California and care about cannabis in any form, recreational or medicinal, please take the time to read this, otherwise it will become nearly impossible to acquire cannabis in Chico, CA starting Dec 6th, 2017 due to the passing of ordinance 2505.

beautiful Chico

This is everything you need to know about ordinance 2505.

What is Ordinance 2505?

Ordinance 2505 is a bill under consideration by Chico city council that is coming to final vote on Dec 6th. It intends to explicitly ban commercial cannabis and prohibit certain unwanted behavior such as public smoking, but is terribly overbroad and essentially bans cannabis cultivation, use, and possession in nearly all circumstances, even going so far as to nullify the existence of medicinal-type cannabis. This is clearly counter to the intent of Prop 64 and AUMA which on Nov 9th 2016 legalized both recreational and medicinal cannabis across the state, receiving a majority vote at the state, county, and city level.

Democracy has spoken in every way: Californians, Butte county, and the citizens of Chico want access to both adult-use and medicinal cannabis. 4 of 7 members of Chico city council, however, are attempting to deny that explicit request, and so too the will of our democracy.

What does Ordinance 2505 say exactly?

You can view and download the entire ordinance here (updated 11/26/2017): http://www.amlegal.com/pdffiles/ChicoCA/2505.pdf

In essence, as summarized by the city attorney, it intends to: (more…)

Leveling Up in Life: The Gamer’s Guide to Success

Success is elusive when video games are so much more tempting, but it’s important to achieve success in order to acquire more time for video games. This troubling duality is the essence of life confronted in the Tao.

I’m a successful, brick-jawed, adventurous blogger who loves to game and I’m here to help you become a success too. What follows are the critical skills, achievements worth earning, and talents to strive for to help you succeed just enough so you can feed your digital addiction and get your mom off your fucking back, mom.

Excellence in any of these skills will lead to success, while improving them all, particularly in order, will certainly make you a better, cooler, potentially less odorous individual.

None of this, however, can make up for a goatee.


Jerry Seinfeld Wonks on Political Correctness

Jerry Seinfeld lamented the state of political correctness on college campuses today during an ESPN interview with Colin Cowherd. When asked if college students are too sensitive in light of recent claims made by Chris Rock and Larry the Cable Guy, Seinfeld responded:

“I hear that all the time. I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me ‘Don’t play colleges, they’re too PC.”

“I’ll give you an example: my daughter’s 14. My wife says to her, ‘Well, you know in the next couple years I think maybe you’ll want to hang around the city on the weekends so you can see boys. My daughter says, ‘That’s sexist.”

“They just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist. That’s sexist. That’s prejudice.’ They don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

When asked, “Does it hurt comedy?” Seinfeld’s quick to answer, “Yes it does. Yes it does.”


Seinfeld isn’t engraving his thesis on the state of politics with “kids these days”, but there are already a handful of problems in this admittedly short excerpt of opinion.


Let’s Name Our Lab Rats

This is a thought experiment and little more.

cute rat

Let us require that every lab rat or test animal we ever use for any reason whatsoever be named, and then catalog those names in a public database for anyone who might want to see.

No other change to be made; just name every animal used for scientific experimentation and write that name in the database. No naming conventions either. You can give them human names, adorable house pet names like “Mitten Tickles” or even bar codes if that’s what’s in your heart.

No other information would be retained about these animals. No description of their use, their fate or even their species. Just one big database of just… names.

 Who would have any interest in looking at this database?

How many names would it hold in a year? A decade? A century?

Would there be any trends in the way the animals were named?

How big would the database get before we finally stopped expanding it?

How long until the weight of this record became too great to bear?

My Apologies, Morsel

by derpwolf234Dear Morsel,

First, I must apologize for eating you. You did not deserve that, but please understand that it had to happen eventually.

You see, I am a predator, and you are prey. It is not that you’re less important than me, or that your way isn’t worthy. It’s just that I’m better.

Don’t worry: you still serve a purpose. I need to be nourished so you are good for that. I am working very hard every day to stay fit, running and stalking, lunging and gnawing on you and your kind. Dominance requires constant practice and fuel.

The pack and I, we look for you because you’re perfect to try our skill at. You are slower and weaker. You stand out in the brush, you stink, and you’re noisy; really, you call to us in every way possible so that we find you. It’s like you’re asking for it, and we’re certainly willing to oblige. There are so many of you and a fiery hunger consumes us.

When we pounce, forgive the initial aggression. We always go for the throat because we like to be quick about it. It’s not so much a courtesy for you, although we like to think that’s part of it. However, it’s actually so no one else is unsettled by your death throes. No need to have you make more of a scene than we like to. You’re just supporting actors in our show.

And don’t fool yourself that escape means victory, either. We are ever-hunters. What we don’t have today, we will have tomorrow. And if I don’t get you, my brethren or my lineage will.

So again, my apologies, Morsel, that you are just prey.


the Wolves

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