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I Miss You, Minecraft

a horrified Minecraft creeper

I’m not a man who shares his heart. I don’t care for emotion but when the sun shines and the waves break and friends laugh and true beauty shows me natural art and joy.

Yet suddenly I felt like writing a love letter. Not of true yearning, instead as a creative exercise, though not without truth and, hopefully, poetry (in form, at least).

I thought to myself, of the women I’ve loved, who should it be about? Each kind, graceful and radiant in their own way, which muse would guide me better?

Then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funnier if I wrote it about Minecraft instead?”

I fucking love Minecraft more than any other video game, but I lost my account information over a year ago. I have to buy it again and thus my heart was broken.

And so, I wrote this love letter to Minecraft. Then it turned into a poem as written by a guy who doesn’t write poetry. Heh.


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