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Review of Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne

Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne

It takes consistently satisfying gameplay to offset the aggravation of dying in a video game repeatedly, but Vlambeer’s post-apocalyptic top-down shooter Nuclear Throne delivers that in spades (despite being technically unfinished at this time). From the moment you’re thrown into action as one of 8 mutant avatars, you’ll shred wasteland beasties with gratifying weaponry while customizing your play style using a creative selection of “mutation” abilities. You’ll die often, yes, but it’s all the more opportunity to try another weapon set or mutation build and come back deadlier than ever. The action’s so fast-paced and visceral that you’ll often want try something new anyway.


Review of Blush by Blurst

Blush by Blurst screenshot

It’s sometimes surprising if not downright amazing what social networking can do for you. I really only joined Twitter to compliment fortytwo points with some real-time updates and I never thought it would actually lead me anywhere I cared to be. This part’s not surprising, but I was wrong.

As I investigated my few followers in an effort to determine how crazy they must be to have taken an interest in my Twitter account, I found that one of them (at least) probably isn’t an individual. Instead, they turned out to be a gaming service.


Review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine game coverDespite the toll spent reading CSS, Windows networking and Eckhart Tolle books, I’ve managed to squeeze in some video gaming recently. When the Battlefield Heroes servers came down for maintenance recently however, my routine was interrupted and I had to find something else to enjoy. Along came X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I was relieved.

It’s good to see Raven Software’s kept their standards of quality consistent over the years, and Wolverine does not fail to deliver in the quality department. Thanks to the action-paced gameplay, you really get a feel for what being Wolverine could be like, and holy shit is it awesome (most of the time).


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